Fashion Striped Pet Dog Clothes


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1.When dogs are playing in the park or on the grass, they will get a lot of grass and sundries. If they wear clothes, they can avoid these things.
2.Dogs sometimes drool and put on clothes for dogs to prevent the dog's saliva from flowing to it and soiling the hairs.

3.It’s cold, and it’s beautiful and warm for the dogs in winter. When choosing clothes for dogs, such as Chihuahuas, be sure to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Don't choose clothes that are too cheap. It is possible that the dog clothes are made of waste fabrics from the corner of the garment factory. It is easy to make dogs. The dog is infected with skin disease.

4.Appropriately put on the breathable summer dress to help the dog protect the skin, and the dog Dogs don't feel hot.

5.Size: back bust neck
XL: 38-42 52-56 31-33
L : 33-37 44-48 28-30
M: 28-32 40-44 25-27
S: 23-27 36-40 22-24
XS: 18-22 28-32 19-21
6.Color: Green, yellow
      Material: 100% Cotton

  • Type: Dogs
  • Season: Winter
  • Pattern: striped
  • Suitable for: Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Pug, etc
  • Size: Prefect For Small And Medium Sized Dogs
  • For: Winter Pet Clothes

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