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This is a multifunctional pet product that combines the functions of pet tableware and pet toys. This is not only a tableware product for slow food leakage, but also a toy that can improve the dog's intelligence.
When the dog gently presses the button on the top, the 4 food leakage channels at the bottom of the toy can easily randomly drop a certain amount of dog food. Dog food will be dropped on the tower-shaped food ramp to provide food.
Translucent visual granary, you can know the storage situation of snacks or dog food in the granary at any time. Open the top and press the food button to add dog food directly. This is simple and easy to operate, saving time and energy.
Anti-drop design: There are 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. In addition, each product comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed.
Emergency feeding supplies: If the owner needs to go out for a while, but is still worried about not being able to feed the dog in time, this product can be used as a temporary feeding product so that the dog can feed while playing.

Package:1x pet food Catapult

Product type: Dog Toys

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